At Veil, we specialize in creating aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly, rust-free baseboard covers. We put a lot of attention and care in the design and production of each of our covers.

Veil aluminum baseboard heater covers do not only replace old ugly, rusty covers, but also offers you an efficient, design aware, minimalist form. Veil covers are a favorite among interior designers. They give you as much freedom as you need to design your space exactly as you want it.

aesthetically pleasing

eco friendly


rust free

child safe

It’s not rocket science.

You do not need any tools or hired help to install Veil aluminum baseboard covers—they are plug-and-play!

Designed with little
fingers in mind.

It is well known that common baseboard heater covers are not child-friendly. Curious toddler hands are the perfect size to slide through that cover and reach the heating element which can cause injuries and burns. Dropped toys are an obvious fire hazard.

Veil aluminum baseboard heater covers offers a solid front panel with slotted perforations running along the top, a design that does not allow anything through but air. And it does it without at all compromising your heater’s efficiency.

Made in North America.

Veil baseboard covers aren’t just designed in North America.

Our aluminum is sourced from the United States and Canada, finished with powder coat paint made in the USA. All our covers are designed and manufactured in Vancouver, BC.

We designed a product that benefits North American homes, in more ways than one.

Eco-friendly from start to finish.

We start with the packaging. Our cardboard is made of recycled materials, without any ink, making it easier to recycle again!

Then we consider our product, opting to use exclusively recycled aluminum purchased throughout North America.

Whenever we can, we ship directly to the customers—avoiding any unnecessary transportation and effectively minimizing our carbon footprint.

Next day shipping.

Our products are always fully stocked, with new orders being shipped on the next business day.

Rust free, guaranteed.

We can offer this kind of guarantee because we know you will never have to use it! No matter where you install veil aluminum covers, or how long you own them, they are not going to rust!